February 10, 2011

Spring Semester

So I've been a bit naughty and have been neglecting my posting duties. But in my defense I've been a VERY busy young lady. It's been super fun though so I can't complain lol even though my last post was basically just me venting about blah blah blah.

So what have I been busy with?! Well, glad you asked...

This semester I have the lovely Animation Pre-Production class, which is the class where I come up with senior thesis that I'll be working on all next year. The pressure is on! We pitched 5 stories the first day of class and the faculty picked one, and we're working on that for the first 6 weeks. Then right before spring break we have a full-faculty critique where we show our character, environment, and prop designs along with our minute and a half animatic. It either passes or fails. After spring break we then work on a different story for another 6 weeks, and then it's the same process where it either fails or passes. One of the two stories needs to pass in order to move on to senior year.

Then in animation class we're currently working on modeling our self-caricatures and rigging them before we work on our lipsync animation. The caricature I did of myself I've previously posted is now in 3D! And it looks awesome if I do say so myself...

Soon, probably during spring break, I'll be able to post A LOT of work. Right now I'm just stressed with all my homework and also trying to put together a portfolio and resume so I can apply for a summer internship this summer at an animation studio.