April 28, 2009

Darksiders: Wrath of War

It's video games like this that make me question whether I want to continue with character animation or game art as a career choice

Darksiders: Wrath of War
Developer: Vigil Games
Release Date: Fall 2009
Genre: Action/Adventure RPG
Platforms: Playstation 3, Xbox 360
Tagline: "The end of time is near, you must do all you can to make sure that doesn't happen."

The time for the great Apocalypse of legend has come... as you take on the role of War, one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and rain judgment and destruction on the Earth.

However, not all is as it seems when you discover that you and your fellow Horsemen have been implicated in the premature destruction of Earth and are swept up in a conspiracy between the forces of Heaven and Hell.

Banished and stripped of your powers, embark on an epic quest of revenge and redemption as you battle angels and demons to restore your awesome abilities and seek out those who betrayed you.

Here's some concept art for the game by Joe Mad

April 26, 2009

1st Pass - WIP

Here's how much of my first pass I was able to finish this weekend. It's simply the head, neck, body, and legs of Dale. This simple animation is 250 frames long (animation is generally 24 frames/second)

Got a little bit more done in class on Monday

April 25, 2009

Final Animation (Process Work)

Here is some of my process work for my final piece for Traditional Animation I. In case you're just NOW tuning in... my final assignment for my TA class is to animate a 10 to 20 second animation with my anteater character Dale

The first pose test with just the preliminary thumbnail drawings of the golden poses

Second pose test, a little more in-depth than the first. I had to check the timing and the spacing so I added in the key frames between the golden poses

Here's the entrance of Dale for my scene, it's zoomed up so I could see the details (this section alone is about 105 frames (approximately 50-something drawings)

April 20, 2009



April 18, 2009

Ringling Commercial

This video is the result of a collaboration between first year Digital Film and Advertising Design students as part of their coursework at Ringling College of Art and Design. My friend Nellie asked me to help out

Haha, this one is good too

Final Reference

Here's the video reference for my final piece in Traditional Animation. It's me acting as my anteater Dale. The homework assignment criteria are as follows:

- must be between 15 and 20 seconds (not under or over)
- have to fill out the x-sheet and/or time charts and COMPLETELY plan beforehand
- character must jump
- character must display a change in emotion (so two emotions minimum)

The time code at the bottom was added in Premiere Pro, and is set for 24 frames/second. In animation, it takes about 12 drawings a second if you shoot the drawings on "two"s. That means I'm probably looking at close to 200 drawing for my final piece. Yikes!... but it's a fun yikes :D

Reference Video from Alex Boatman on Vimeo.

Oh yeah!! And pretend that the leaf in the video that I jump and grab is a pinwheel. Hence the blowing... lol

Stale Dale

Here are my animation walk cycles with my anteater Dale :)

*If the videos don't loop automatically, just right click the video and click on "loop is off"

Dale Walk Cycle from Alex Boatman on Vimeo

Sry, still a few glitches to fix in there

Dale Run Cycle from Alex Boatman on Vimeo.

Dale Stalk Cycle from Alex Boatman on Vimeo

April 16, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Hehe... Ron

Summer Approaching

So it looks like this summer I'm going to be taking two liberal arts classes at Dakota County Technical College (DCTC) back home in Minnesota. It's awesome because the credits transfer to Ringling so I'll get some classes out of the way to clear up space to work on my senior thesis in the future. Not to mention the price difference!!

DCTC= $140/credit

DAMN!! lol Needless to say this seems like an excellent way to spend part of my summer.

April 14, 2009


Copy of a piece by Michelangelo

Assigned to add the bones on tracing paper over the piece

Cross-contour study

More Drawing Homework

Here are a few more drawing assignments from last semester

April 8, 2009

Communication Project

Assignment was the create either a poster, flash animation or graphic novel that deals with a possible solution to the current (and future) water crisis.

Here's the pages from my graphic novel Harvest Rain. Sorry they're not in the correct order, they're still in the order that I had them to put the book together. On a side note, we were only allowed to use about 15 words for the actual novel part, so it's basically just pictures (my attempt to try and convey the message with just images and symbols). ENJOY!!

Oh, and I didn't have enough time to make my own logo for the comic book company so I had to end up using Dark Horse Comics (cause they rock, duh!)

You can also check out the class wiki, which has all the background information the class did for the project, along with the final pieces, here:


New Pieces

Some of these assignments are new, where as a few of them are projects from my Drawing class last semester

Cross-hatching assignment for color

Drawing assignment to show the process of crumpling a brown paper bag (cut off by scanner)

Octopus coming out of a water bottle (can't tell, but a lot of it was cut off from the original because I didn't have a large enough scanner)

Quick hand study

The original is done by an artist that I can't remember their name

Drawing self-portrait assignment (I personally hate it)

Crazy assignment from my Figure class last semester; we had to choose a cartoon character (this is Dee-Dee from Dexter's Lab) and draw first their bone structure, then muscles, and finally skin. This is the final skin one. When we did the muscles we were required to change the character to make them more of a "creature."

April 2, 2009

Funny Poster

This is just a funny poster I saw today lol

OH! And I'll also have some new work up shortly, just as soon as I scan them in. It'll be some of my assignments from my drawing class last semester (fall 2008)