All About Me

My name, bestowed upon me at birth, is Alexandra Boatman, but you can call me Alex for short. I grew up in Rosemount, Minnesota, a suburb of the Twin Cities. From kindergarten all the way until my high school graduation I attended public schools in the area, so my art education was not all that great. Yet I’ve been entranced by art since the moment I grasped my first pencil. My first masterpieces consisted of scribbles along the walls in our hallway, and my runaway drawings eventually landed on paper. From there… well, I kept at it and gradually my skills became better and better.

Drawing has always been a hobby of mine, something to do when I'm bored, when I'm not bored, to relax, and to get money on occasion. I was lucky enough to know during my sophomore year of high school that I was going to attend an art college after graduation. It just clicked one day that since I love to draw so much, why not do that for a living?

Once I knew I wanted to get into an art field, I realized I would need to pick a specific major, and while researching schools I stumbled upon computer animation. Don't get me wrong here! I've HEARD of animation before, I just hadn't known that you could specifically study it! I had fallen in love with animation when I saw the movie Dragonheart for the first time in 1996. Plus Toy Story had come out the previous year. Art AND technology? Sign me right up!!! So then I knew my intended major, but the question now was, which school? Luckily for me I found 3D World magazine, and they had an article about the highest ranking art colleges in the world (for computer animation). Ringling College of Art and Design was ranked number one in North America.

So here I am! A fabulous junior now majoring in computer animation (CA) at Ringling College! I'm meeting awesome new people from around, not just the country, but the entire world. It's truly amazing how many talented people there are... *jealousy!*