May 5, 2009

End of Freshman Year

So... tomorrow is my last day of my first year of college. It's kind of a sad thought, yet exciting at the same time. As of right now I'm sitting in my room, which feels like a jail cell since all I have is two suitcases worth of stuff to bring home. Everything else is already shipped home or in storage for the summer. Technically I should be working on my last self-portrait for my art history class, but first I need to finsih watching The Hobbit (the one from 1977!)

I leave Wednesday and will not return until late-August. I'll be heading back home to Minnesota!! I miss it there; the people, the seasons, friends and family, and just... everything. I'll still be working at Ebenezer Ridges, the old folkes home where I work in the kitchen, and I'll also be taking two summer courses at Dakota County Technical College. So I'll be pretty busy this summer between family, friends, work, school, and working on my art.

I DEFINITELY plan to work on my art. This whole year I've hardly had any time to work on any personal projects so I've kept images and a log of things that I've wanted to draw, and I plan to do them ALL this summer. There's also a chance I might be doing some children's book illustrations, so I have my fingers crossed. I also need to be working a bit in Autodesk Maya over the summer; at least to get familiar with the program for next semester. They call Maya the "monster" here lol

I also can't wait for next year to come because I'll actually be starting to work in COMPUTER animation. Hense the need to learn the Maya interface. Plus I'll be living in the student center with my bud Kayla. So I'll have my own bathroom and a common room with a TV! This year was really hard without a common area; I simply need to get out of my room sometimes but I don't have anywhere to go do work unless I call someone.

Final Animation

May 3, 2009

More homework...

Here are a few more color assignments I've gotten back, this first one is of some clothes and a towel that are analogous colors

This the value study painting of a still-life we did in-class. It's not as well done as I'd like it to be, but I ran out of time to work on it between all of my classes

The rest here are just some work from my figure class I had last semester. We've been getting it back now since the Best of Ringling show is over. This first one is the skeleton of Arnold from the Nickelodeon show Hey Arnold!

May 1, 2009

Completed 1st Pass Animation

Here's the finished first pass of my animation with Dale and the pinwheel. This seriously took hours and hours. Now I still have a few hours work left this weekend adding the details for the second pass, but here ya go!

Color Still-Lifes

This is the in-class still-life we had to do. First we sketched the still-life using pencils, photocopied the sketch, and then glazed over the photocopy with acrylic paints. This is the result:

Here's the before picture:

Our last homework assignment had three parts; we had to choose one of the three triads to color a still-life. I chose the tertiary triad, which consists of yellow-orange, red-violet, and blue-green. Then we had to do three different pieces of the same still-life, only in each one, one color(s) of the triad will be most dominant. I guess the objective was to see how using different colors changes the mood/setting of the piece. Here they are:

Style: Glazing with acrylics

Style: Glazing with acrylics

Style: Watercolor + Colored Pencil