April 18, 2009

Final Reference

Here's the video reference for my final piece in Traditional Animation. It's me acting as my anteater Dale. The homework assignment criteria are as follows:

- must be between 15 and 20 seconds (not under or over)
- have to fill out the x-sheet and/or time charts and COMPLETELY plan beforehand
- character must jump
- character must display a change in emotion (so two emotions minimum)

The time code at the bottom was added in Premiere Pro, and is set for 24 frames/second. In animation, it takes about 12 drawings a second if you shoot the drawings on "two"s. That means I'm probably looking at close to 200 drawing for my final piece. Yikes!... but it's a fun yikes :D

Reference Video from Alex Boatman on Vimeo.

Oh yeah!! And pretend that the leaf in the video that I jump and grab is a pinwheel. Hence the blowing... lol

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