May 1, 2009

Color Still-Lifes

This is the in-class still-life we had to do. First we sketched the still-life using pencils, photocopied the sketch, and then glazed over the photocopy with acrylic paints. This is the result:

Here's the before picture:

Our last homework assignment had three parts; we had to choose one of the three triads to color a still-life. I chose the tertiary triad, which consists of yellow-orange, red-violet, and blue-green. Then we had to do three different pieces of the same still-life, only in each one, one color(s) of the triad will be most dominant. I guess the objective was to see how using different colors changes the mood/setting of the piece. Here they are:

Style: Glazing with acrylics

Style: Glazing with acrylics

Style: Watercolor + Colored Pencil

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