October 2, 2009

Concept Development

My Concept Development class is pretty intense, but a lot of fun. Right now we're learning about film language and storyboarding for animation. We're using a story from Steve Martin's novel Cruel Shoes called "The Gift of the Magi Indian Giver."

Here's the story:


Carolyn wanted so much to give Roger something nice for Christmas, but they
didn't have much money, and they had to spend every last cent on candy for the baby. She walked down the icy streets and peered into shop windows. "Roger is so proud of his shinebones. If only I could find some way to get money to buy shinebone polish."

Just then, a sign caught her eye. "Cuticles bought and sold." Many people had told Carolyn of her beautiful cuticles, and Roger was especially proud of them, but she though, "This is the way I could buy Roger the shinebone polish!" And she rushed into the store.

Later at home, she waited anxiously as Roger came up the steps of their flat. He opened the door and wobbled over to the fireplace, suspiciously holding one arm behind his back.

"Merry Christmas!" they both said, almost simultaneously.

Roger spoke. "Hey, Nutsy, I got you a little something for Christmas." "Me too," said Carolyn, and they exchanged packages.

Carolyn hurriedly opened her package staring in disbelief. "Cuticle frames?!" But Roger, I sold my cuticles so I could afford to buy you some shinebone polish!"

"Shinebone polish!" said Roger, "I sold my shinebones to buy you the cuticle frames!" Roger wobbled over to her.

"Well, I'll be hog-tied," said Carolyn.

"You will? Oh, boy!" said Roger.

And it turned out to be a great Christmas after all.


Here's my set design

The part of the story we're
working on starts when Roger comes home and they both say "Merry Christmas!" until the end. Our first assignment for this story was to draw the iconic moment when Roger shows Carolyn his missing shinebones, so here that is:

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