October 26, 2009

Lots of Homwork

My latest Concept homework:

We've been doing projects that deal with creating depth and using dynamic staging. The first project was a story involving frogs; one is playing a banjo poorly, someone throws a tomato at him, and he jumps and dodges it. There are all these rules yada yada yada about only having 5 shots (so only 4 cuts), etc.

Here are my FROGS

The second assignment I just turned in today and it has two parts. The story involved rats playing pool, where one chalks his cue stick loudly causing the other to miss his shot. The first part of the project was to do an animatic using photographs you take.


The second part was then to take those photos and use them as reference for drawing your own rat animatic of the same story.

Here are my RODENTS


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  1. I love your voice/accent in FROGS.