March 26, 2010

Months of Neglect

Its been almost five whole months since I've updated my blog. I meant to during winter break but it just never happened, then I got busy with school and told myself I'd do it over spring break. Then it never happened. I'm here now though and taking time out of my busy schedule to finally update and put some new work on here. Part of the reason why I haven't had time is because I'm overloading this semester, so I have 6 classes (18 credits). I barely have time to do much else other than work. I'm never overloading again because I've had to do too many all-nighters this semester because my animation and concept classes are on the same day, and they're the most work and the hardest. Lucky me! lol

I think that I put up pretty much everything from last semester, so I'll put some of my work up from the first half of the spring term. This weekend I'm going to be scanning in a bunch of my recent figure drawings so I'll be posting those as well.


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