April 8, 2009

Communication Project

Assignment was the create either a poster, flash animation or graphic novel that deals with a possible solution to the current (and future) water crisis.

Here's the pages from my graphic novel Harvest Rain. Sorry they're not in the correct order, they're still in the order that I had them to put the book together. On a side note, we were only allowed to use about 15 words for the actual novel part, so it's basically just pictures (my attempt to try and convey the message with just images and symbols). ENJOY!!

Oh, and I didn't have enough time to make my own logo for the comic book company so I had to end up using Dark Horse Comics (cause they rock, duh!)

You can also check out the class wiki, which has all the background information the class did for the project, along with the final pieces, here:


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  1. Good job. Your work didn't need words. Kudos.