April 8, 2009

New Pieces

Some of these assignments are new, where as a few of them are projects from my Drawing class last semester

Cross-hatching assignment for color

Drawing assignment to show the process of crumpling a brown paper bag (cut off by scanner)

Octopus coming out of a water bottle (can't tell, but a lot of it was cut off from the original because I didn't have a large enough scanner)

Quick hand study

The original is done by an artist that I can't remember their name

Drawing self-portrait assignment (I personally hate it)

Crazy assignment from my Figure class last semester; we had to choose a cartoon character (this is Dee-Dee from Dexter's Lab) and draw first their bone structure, then muscles, and finally skin. This is the final skin one. When we did the muscles we were required to change the character to make them more of a "creature."

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