September 6, 2009

Sophomore Year

Sophomore year is officially underway!

I've been busy with learning my new schedule, homework, and all that jazz so I haven't had time to really do anything else. Here's a list of the classes I'm taking:

Beginning Painting
Contemporary Literature
Traditional Animation II
Computer Animation I
Concept Development I

The load doesn't seem to be too bad right now, but it's a bit tough trying to work on CA and TA at the same time. Right now time management is key.

I'm living in the Ulla Searing Student Center, which is a whole lot nicer than Harmon Hall, where I lived last year. I'm rooming with my friend Kayla, which I think I mentioned before, and it's going good.

I probably won't be able to post my work up for awhile since I don't really have any right now. So stay tuned!

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