October 4, 2009


So... this movie looks absolutely AMAZE-A-ZING to me! It comes out on December 18th this year, so I'll be home by then and I can watch it with everyone. I shall be dragging my friends to the theater to see this, and I won't take NO for an answer! The movie Avatar is directed/created by James Cameron, and apparently it's his first film in 12 years (since Titanic came out in 1997).

The premise of the story follows a former Marine, Jake Sully, who was paralyzed in combat on Earth. He has been selected to participate in the Avatar program, which will let him be able to walk. He travels to Pandora, an alien jungle moon filled unbelievable creatures. It is also home to the Na'vi, a humanoid race that lives in harmony with their world. But the humans are stretching farther into their world in search of valuable minerals, and forcing them to defend their existence. Jake has been unwittingly recruited to become a spy for the humans, since humans cannot breathe the air on Pandora, they have genetically bred human-Na'vi hybrids known as Avatars. They are living bodies controlled by a human "driver" by linking the driver's mind to their Avatar body. Yet, in true James Cameron fashion, he has turned it into a love story :) Jake meets a young Na'vi female, Neytiri, and begins to fall in love. So he then finds himself caught between the military forces of Earth, and the Na'vi.

Trailer Here

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