October 2, 2009


It's midterm time now, and so far this semester has been ABSOLUTELY INSANE. I have been challenged to the extreme, and usually I can adapt and work out my time management, but I seem to be on overload and haven't been able to. I'm surprised that I've been able to actually turn everything in on-time, although I've had to pull quite a few all-nighters. This last week I've tried a different work schedule and it worked out well, so it's starting to get better.

I've never had so many instances where I've felt hopeless in regards to finishing an assignment on-time. In part I think being a perfectionist isn't helping because I tend to spend more time on each assignment improving it, when the first draft would have sufficed. But.... that's why my teachers like me :) lol

I'm positive I'm not the only one having troubles like this, it's hard to distribute yourself evening for the 3 CA major classes this semester. It's a process that you need to work at to really succeed in this major. That, and you HAVE to meet ALL the criteria for assignments and make sure you reach the deadline on-time. There is no LATE in the Computer Animation industry, so it only makes since that there isn't a "late" in our classes. Not to mention that I also have two electives aside from my CA classes.

On another note, we've started our Primitive Theater assignment in CA, and I'll be working on that until around the end of October. I'm keeping the story extremely simple because I just want to work on improving my animation. My ball bounce wasn't all that great, and I'm hoping to maybe fix it up over winter break so that it can be a portfolio piece. Maybe.


  1. Don't forget about the student life people. They may have some good time management suggestions. But then, you probably don't have time to stop by and talk to them :)

  2. Good one mom.