March 26, 2010

Editing Techniques

So in concept class we were split into groups to develop stories for our animatics. My group came up with the story of this old guy named Hank who lives in the desert all alone with only his cacti. There's been a drought for a long time, but then one day a giant container falls from the clouds and smashes most of his cacti crop. Inside the container was water, and so he brings his last cactus with him when he decides to trek across the desert to the mountains to climb into the clouds and find where that source of water came from. When he does make it up there he discovers there are these "cloud suckers" that have been harvesting all of the rain water from the clouds and collecting it, which has caused the drought.

We then learned film editing techniques and had to use them to make short animatics about a section of the stories we made. The first is contrast, which I used to show that there's been a drought -- Contrast Animatic

My motif animatic has a bit to be desired but it's okay. I wanted to use repetition of the feet to kind of show Hank getting ready for his, but I don't think I showed the feet enough -- Motif Animatic

Simultaneity is basically two events or scenes taking place at the same time, that eventually converge. In this case I did Hank climbing the mountain and the cloud sucker -- Simultaneity Animatic

Last, there's symbolism. I tried to come up with something to symbolize Hank and the cloud sucker's eventual encounter and chose a mouse and a scorpion. The only thing I wish I would have done was have the mouse trying to take food from the scorpion so that it's more of a survival thing -- Symbolism Animatic

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